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John Patrick Struth

John, a seasoned signwriter based in North Essex since 1975, has left an indelible mark on the local business landscape. Specialising in commercial signwriting, he's lent his artistic touch to breweries and numerous local enterprises. A maestro in design and illustration, John stands out as an advertising expert.
Beyond his professional prowess, John's artistic flair extends to creating stunning signage for private clients, enhancing their properties with bespoke designs. Outside the world of signs, John's life has been intertwined with the sea. A sailing enthusiast, his passion for boats and a deep connection to the sea find expression in his breathtaking landscapes, capturing the untamed beauty and tranquil serenity of both the sea and the coastal Essex landscape.

Sally Russell-Struth

Sally's journey is a harmonious blend of music, education, and artistry. After a fulfilling career in music, she devoted eight years to shaping young minds in secondary schools across Essex. A multifaceted artist, Sally not only painted watercolour characters at weddings but also honed her skills in life drawing.
Taking inspiration from her father, Sally has recently embarked on a new artistic venture, establishing herself as a reputable signwriter. Specialising in fairground artwork, she brings vibrancy and flair to this unique form of expression, adding her own colourful strokes to the family legacy. Sally's artistic journey continues to evolve, weaving a tapestry of creativity across various media.

Stephanie Struth

Stephanie, a true luminary in the art world, has consistently excelled in her craft, exploring a myriad of styles over the years. Her journey led her through the corridors of education, where she shared her passion as an art teacher in various secondary schools across Essex, and on community painting projects in Harwich. Transitioning from the academic realm, she carved her own path by establishing a flourishing business as a wedding painter, where she stands as a trailblazer in the industry.
Stephanie’s talent in portraiture sets her apart; her ability to capture the likeness and essence of her subjects has propelled her to the forefront of the current wave of live painters.

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